Traffic SpazioArteUrbania - gallery and art workshop in the historical center, in the beautiful Palazzo del Governatore, opposite the Chiesa dei Morti with its famous mummies! Along with the Palazzo Ducale overlooking the Metauro's gorge, a magical place, steeped in history and today dedicated to Contemporary Art. Signs and shapes interact with frescoed ceilings, past and present together, melodies echoing among the rocks of the foundations on which the monumental cellars are built. A place open to exchange and interaction between artists, documented in a lively on-line catalog.

Courses Informations

The courses are held in and around Urbania in collaboration with artists and workshops, we provide materials and equipment needed for the exercises. You can decide for a personalized path at the first or second level, on the basis of preparation and interest; there are sections dedicated to children, teens and families. Visits to museums, city and in the beautiful surrounding are part of the courses. Specialist teachers collaborate for various techniques.

OFFERS FOR GROUPS AND SCHOOLS in collaboration with - - for groups up to 30 people - Email request for detailed plans.

Classical and experimental : raku , naked raku and "terra sigillata"
- Creation of artifacts in mixed media, fireclay , composition and application of glass coating, metal effects, bright colors obtained by special firing processes.
- Use of Terra Sigillata inspired by Greek, Etruscan and Roman pottery. Creative experience with graphic effects taken from classic art and nature.

Sculpture, modeling and free shape.
- Amphora/portrait , analyze facial features. Working with “colombino”, slabs, molds, Paperclay
- Body dynamic, architecture, metamorphosis, structures and volumes in relation to the materials and techniques of modeling, individual projects.

Children and families
- Modeling and decor inspired by nature and tradition, the discovery of the five senses.
- Theatre of clay: princesses, dukes and knights ... the world of fairy tales.

- Open Air based on analysis of landscape, light, space structure; this territory has been the topic for past and contemporary masters .
- The body , basic exercises and personal development in representation of anatomy and portraits.

- Stone, project definition , choice of material and production with development of technique and equipment use.
- Metal, making small sculptures and silver jewelry with traditional techniques of casting: cuttlefish bone and sand forms.

Graphics and Drawing
- woodcut , the oldest printing technique , combining inks to create a synthesis of the sign.
- Image processing with ancient and contemporary techniques, manual tracing and digital projection, in the service of  composition.
- Natural colors , formulation and use of pigments extracted from plants.

We collaborate with KERAMOS